Paula Gortazár, Uncharted Territory Paula Gortazár, Uncharted Territory



20 January – 9 March 2019


The exhibition


20 January – 9 March 2019


With a guest contribution by Dani Eshet

The historical narrative follows the sequence of time. Day by day. Year by year. We find grounding in the chronology. The space in which we live has, however, no reference point. Everything depends on which direction we move. So is Luanda located to the left of New York? Addis Ababa west of Kabul? It depends entirely on the map that we happen to use. Yet it all depends on who determines the selection of entries in the atlases, as in the chronological tables that we find in the compendia. What seems essential? What can, what should, what must be left out? Bold interpretations hide behind perceived objectivity.

Cristina Barroso dedicates herself to the cartography of time and space. Simultaneously abstract and tangible, her work encourages pictures, numbers, grids, places and meridians to overlap and consolidate into a unique worldview of its own. In this exhibition, her work forms a dialogue with photographs by Dani Eshet of Tel Aviv, with whom Barroso shares a long friendship and artistic collaboration. >>


Exhibition opening
Saturday, 19 January 2019 at 5 pm
bildkultur | galerie, Markelstr. 19, 70193 Stuttgart

Dr. Matthias Bullinger | bildkultur Stuttgart

The exhibition is on view
from Sunday 20 January – Saturday 9 March 2019

Gallery hours
On appointment: Phone 0711 / 6 57 33 03